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Very professional team with excellent attention to detail on both residential and commercial projects they have been involved in with us. Efficient and clean also. Thank you Voltech!


Emily Rogers


Sometimes, the smallest plumbing problems turn out to be the most expensive. Your tenants call you all the time cause the water pressure is too low? Or, even worse, one of them got their apartment flooded? Unfortunately, one small pipe burst can completely ruin someone’s home – and cost thousands of dollars in damages. The good news is, regular checks of your plumbing system and various installations can significantly reduce the risk of the worst scenario happening – click the button below to schedule maintenance of your residential properties:

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Commercial plumbing installations require extra care – especially if the facilities are highly reliant on water flow. Unfortunately, the complexity of installations often means that to ensure their proper functioning, one needs to perform the maintenance more often.

Of course, as the system can be complicated and demanding, it’s worth working the best in the business. Don’t let plumbing problems stop your business from growing – schedule a service from our team today:

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One-Time Preventative Maintenance

Would you like to test the old plumbing system at one your managed properties? Do you suspect there’s something wrong with the pipes? Water pressure isn’t as strong as it used to be? There are hundreds of reasons to schedule preventive maintenance – and each of them is just as good. Especially if you consider that sometimes a simple check can save you thousands of dollars in damage repair expenses. To schedule preventative plumbing maintenance, hit the button below:
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Ongoing Plumbing Maintenance Contract

Are you a facilities manager or property manager looking to get everything checked and secured on a regular basis? Get in touch with our team regarding scheduled maintenance services and get your plumbing installation checked thoroughly and on time. This service is available for both residential and commercial properties:

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Why Work with Us

Certified Plumbers

We are certified and legally allowed to work on all plumbing jobs – this includes commercial and residential property maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

Smart Quote Policy

Should there be any repairs or upgrades necessary, we’ll quote where possible and once established, the quote will stay in place and not change, no hidden charges, no added extra costs!

High-End Technology

We use the latest technology which helps us check your property even more thoroughly. Our technicians can check both water (including heating) and gas installations.

Experienced Maintenance Team

Our tradesmen have performed hundreds of maintenance jobs and know exactly where to look to prevent the most common plumbing problems. Plus, they guarantee their workmanship for life.


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Here's what our customers have to say:


Electrolux used Voltech on the number of projects at our Adelaide Plant. They earned our highest trust from the beginning, working on the New Spray wash plant installation and helping us with our existing equipment modifications and maintenance. Very professional, safety cautious, extremely reliable and efficient Team. They will continue to be our first call for future projects.

Vladimir Zolotarev

Couldn't recommend Voltech more highly. After being recommended by a friend, I enlisted Voltechs services for help with an office fit-out and after working closely and seeing their precision to detail have since had them back to wire up an extension at my house. Thank you Voltech for your services, this isn't the first time and it definitely won't be the last.

Daniel Burke

Very professional team with excellent attention to detail on both residential and commercial projects they have been involved in with us. Efficient and clean also. Thank you Voltech!

Emily Rogers